JDater’s Challenge: Aging Male Adolescents

April 5, 2008

Dana Author Profile PictureDana’s Dating Deduction of the Day: If a man can’t show you in his opening email that he’s taken a modicum of time to understand you, move onto the next email from a man who can. Read more

Passover Wine Recommendations #68

April 3, 2008

While many of us shop for wine on a regular basis (or as my wife might put it, a much to regular basis), the majority of wine buying in America is conducted in the weeks leading up to Rosh Hashanah and Pessach.  Whether as a result of or the reason for, most large sales are also conducted during these times and present a good opportunity to stock up on wine at attractive prices.  This is typically the time that wineries and importers unveil new wines as well. Read more