Passover Wine Recommendations #68

April 3, 2008

While many of us shop for wine on a regular basis (or as my wife might put it, a much to regular basis), the majority of wine buying in America is conducted in the weeks leading up to Rosh Hashanah and Pessach.  Whether as a result of or the reason for, most large sales are also conducted during these times and present a good opportunity to stock up on wine at attractive prices.  This is typically the time that wineries and importers unveil new wines as well. Read more

Kosher Wine Recommendations #60

January 11, 2008

With permission, from the newsletter of oenophile, Yossie Horwitz

Ella Valley Kosher Wine CollectionAnother great (little) winery is Ella Valley Winery (not to be confused with the far inferior Ella Valley Series from Kinneret which is a private label made entirely for export by Teperberg). Ella’s first vintage was in 2002 and for a vintage year considered relatively poor, the wines were very good. Read more

Kosher Wine Recommendations #59

January 3, 2008

With permission, from the newsletter of oenophile, Yossie Horwitz

The wine writers at the Wall Street Journal have a concept they call “Open that Bottle Night” (OTBN) which they invented, in their own words since: “All of us, no matter how big or small our wine collections, have that single bottle of wine we simply can never bear to open”.  What happens to all these special bottles we tend to accumulate and never want to open – they sit and sit since no occasion is worth opening them for. Read more

Kosher Dining Goes Global

November 17, 2007

The table looks like a conference at the United Nations: an African-American man, a white woman, an Asian woman, an Orthodox Jew – black beard, black skull cap, ritual fringes hanging outside his trousers. Cell phones and laptops, they’re here, in Rolladin, Murray Avenue, Squirrel Hill, for a breakfast meeting. Here, because Rolladin is one of four kosher restaurants in Pittsburgh’s most Jewish neighborhood. Read more

Recipes: Knafeh Pastry

November 16, 2007

In the eastern Mediterranean, few pastries are as popular as knafeh. Made of a special noodle-like shredded filo dough with a rich, creamy filling, this unique dessert combines the buttery lusciousness of a French pastry with a floral-scented syrup and often a sprinkling of pistachios. Its filling is made of cheese, but nobody would classify knafeh as a cheesecake. Unlike most sweets, in many versions of knafeh the filling has a slightly salty accent, which makes it even more exotic. Read more

Mr. Broadway – Midtown Versatility

November 16, 2007

Need to meet a client for lunch or dinner? Hope to have a versatile menu that might include sushi or some good deli? Burgers or ribs perhaps? Need a place with a reasonably decent ambiance that doesn’t feel like Kosher Delight? Well, right across the street on Broadway and 36th is Mr. Broadway, a long time favorite that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Read more