Matisyahu Shaves His Beard and Fan Base

December 14, 2011

Matisyahu, the world’s most famous Chassidic reggae “superstar” has just shaved his trademark beard. The people who care about the man and his music have become polarized. Matisyahu’s Twitter pictures and Facebook post were ambiguous and cryptic about the future of his religious life. And if anyone bothered to take a look at the whole picture instead of sharing half baked opinions on the Huffington Post, they’d have realized that this far more than some simple story about a Chassidic Jewish man named “Matthew Paul Miller” deciding to simply shave his beard. There is a great deal more that hangs in the balance of how this reggae opera ultimately plays out. Read more

Pastor Melissa Scott Can’t Read

June 26, 2008

So it was early in the AM and I was watching some late night TV and I saw yet another televangelist / preacher pointing at some written Hebrew words on a whiteboard. She was insisting something about translations being incorrect and insistence on truly understanding the scriptures. She took a passage from the old testament and began to translate several words incorrectly which any Jewish Yeshiva child in fourth grade would easily have corrected. It completely floored me as to how many of these self-appointed “experts” had far less of an understanding of Hebrew and the Old Testament than they purport to millions of devout Christians. Read more

Tough Questions: Sci-Fi Legend Harlan Ellison

March 27, 2008

January 2008 kicks off with an interview with Hugo and Nebula award winner and science fiction legend, Harlan Ellison. Born May 27, 1934 to a Jewish family in Cleveland, Ohio, Ellison is a prolific American writer of short stories, novellas, teleplays, essays, and criticism. His literary and television work has received many awards. He wrote for the original series of both The Outer Limits andStar Trek; edited the multiple-award-winning short story anthology series Dangerous Visions; and served as creative consultant to the science fiction TV series The New Twilight Zone and Babylon 5. From and with permission of award winning author of “Snaked“, Cliff Meth, we bring you his monthly interview series, “Tough Questions for Tough Jews” which originally appeared on his blog, The Clifford Method.
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Are you already on Meth?

March 26, 2008

Cliff Meth ForeheadClifford Meth, whose memorable surname sounds more like a recreational drug than a boy in your child’s Yeshiva, is more full of Torah than Stephen King and of no less inspired creativity. Both are published authors, have an instantly recognizable writing style and sardonic wit but you’ve probably only heard of the latter – until now. Read more

Jerusalem Gay Bar Closes

November 16, 2007

In a case of winning the battle but losing the war, Jerusalem’s beleaguered homosexual community won a series of high profile court victories in recent years permitting its controversial gay pride celebrations – but this week the capital’s only alternative gender-orientation bar closed, apparently due to financial problems. Read more

Norman Mailer: On God Until The End

November 16, 2007

Norman Mailer, who died on November 10, knew the pitfalls. Even a world-class novelist has a hard time preventing reflections about the nature of God from sounding pious or presumptuous, especially if he’s “ignorant of most of the intellections required of a competent theologian.” Read more

Jewish Dating Traditions

November 16, 2007

The Jewish dating services have become very popular in recent years. Though there is not much difference in the actual dating there are many issues that should be noted. When dating in the Jewish culture there are traditions that are good to be familiar with and will help in the search of your soul mate. Read more

Jewish Dating in NY & LA

November 16, 2007

I’ve heard numerous complaints about the lack of quality Jewish singles in both New York and Los Angeles but few can truly articulate the reason.  The oft repeated phrase is “quality not quantity ” in  a place where there should be plenty of both. Read more