JDating – So What Do You Really Want?

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The most difficult part of dating is actually the most elusive – it’s coming into a potential relationship knowing what it is you’re hoping to meet. As much as we’d like to say that “we know it when we see it” that’s not actually the case because, when it comes right down to it, the end game for serious minded people is the ultimate lifelong commitment and the hope that was seems perfect now seems just as much the right decision 20, 30 and 40 years from now. This involves perhaps more thought than meets the eye.

So let’s start with the “now” for starters. Yes, everyone wants to good looks and the charming, humorous and loyal personality. But nobody comes with truly all the goods and there are always “compromises” to be made. That’s not the dirty word it seems to be. There really aren’t many successful Wall Street bull dogs with the heart of gold. By their own definition, they have a different set of priorities and are usually not as sensitive as perhaps others who are closer to humanities than they are to money. While in the dating stage they might seem dreamy, you have to wonder what they’ll be like after they’ve sampled enough and perhaps have decided to conquer a new adventure. Most men go through that mid-life crisis and, when successful enough, start thinking about their youth – and yours. Trading up happens all too often. So ask yourself whether this is the kind of man who will truly be enthralled with you and not see you as a “valuable asset” and more of the irreplaceable piece of the puzzle of life.

Men frequently see beauty and forget much of the substance. Unless there is something more than looks, life can get very boring after a few hours of fun out of the sun. Making a serious commitment means that this woman is one who you have to believe will be honestly capable of keeping your attention, respect and admiration. If you’re thinking about a mother for your children remember that every time you look at them, there will always be pieces of their mother in the reflection. That must be a difficult vision if the aforementioned characteristics aren’t present.

So ladies and gentlemen, before you decide to go online and jdate at great online dating sites like JSoul, remember to ask yourselves the important questions. You’ll be so much happier that you gave them some thought.


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