Pastor Melissa Scott Can’t Read

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So it was early in the AM and I was watching some late night TV and I saw yet another televangelist / preacher pointing at some written Hebrew words on a whiteboard. She was insisting something about translations being incorrect and insistence on truly understanding the scriptures. She took a passage from the old testament and began to translate several words incorrectly which any Jewish Yeshiva child in fourth grade would easily have corrected. It completely floored me as to how many of these self-appointed “experts” had far less of an understanding of Hebrew and the Old Testament than they purport to millions of devout Christians.

The passage she mistranslated was “And he called his name J-hova Nisi, and he said because the hand was upon the throne of Yah (G-d),  the L-rd will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.”

She began to mistranslate the name “sheh-moe” which means “his name” as “place.” The word “shah-mah” means place. Further, she began to take apart (and mispronounce) the word “emunah” which literally means belief. She had some other explanation that I couldn’t fathom. Additionally the word “Key” means “because” and not “for” as she insisted.

She began to explain that there are only two camps of people – the Amlekites (another mispronounciation)  and the Christians. There are those who don’t serve G-d and those who do serve G-d. So apparently the Jews no longer exist even before Christ was born – they/we are all Christians apparently, as were Aaron and his brother Moses. But then she later calls those people the “children of Israel.” I completely lost track of the point of what she was trying to get across and then watched her launch into a southern soul/country version of “Amazing Grace.”

She would probably do well spending a year learning Torah in Israel.


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